Barcelona cinemas

There are, as one would expect in a cosmopolitan city of the size of Barcelona, many kinds and conditions of cinemas, which offer tempting ways of escaping the late afternoon sun, escaping from a sudden spring downpour – and even, of course, watching a good film.

Naturally, most of the films being screened will be dubbed into Spanish or Catalan but there are a perhaps surprising number of movie theatres that offer films in their Original Version – albeit, usually with sub-titles. The following selection of cinemas is by no means exhaustive; it is just a small selection of some that can be found in and around the main part of the city.

For those who like their multiscreen establishments, the 15 screen Icària Yelmo on C/Salvador Espria, near Port Olímpic, will be your temple of earthly delights. The closest metro station is Ciutadella.

Right at the opposite end of the scale, and situated along La Rambla de Catalunya, close to the junction with C/de Mallorca, is the Cinema Alexis. Diagonal is the closest station.

And then there’s just about everything in between. Cines Verdi, on Carrer Verdi, near Fontana Metro, has 5 screens and nearby Cines Verdi Park, on Carrer Torrijos, has 4. The IMAX Cinema, on Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, is fairly close to Drassanes and Barceloneta stations. The 6 screen Renoir les Corts complex is on Carrer Eugeni d’Ors, near Les Corts station, and its sister, Renoir Floridablanca close to Plaça Universitat.

You’ll find that Spanish cinemas always offer discounts to children, students and the over 65s and you can obtain tickets online at as well as at the cinemas themselves. Don’t go expecting an early afternoon matinée, though; you’ll discover that most don’t begin screenings until 4 or 5 pm.

The Spanish have a relatively successful film industry – most people will know of the films of Pedro Almodóvar and also the recently successful ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Perhaps surprisingly, Barcelona itself hasn’t featured predominantly in too many films. There’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, of course, but not much else – Almodóvar’s ‘All about my mother’ of 1999 and the 1996 film ‘Actresses’ were both partly shot in the city.

You can find cinema listings in the major newspapers as well as online – La Netro is useful and for original language films you should look for films marked “V.O.” or “V.O.S.E.”.